No#1 enterprise fintech in Africa creating financial backbone infrastructure that enables secure and efficient movements of financial transactions

Who we are

BlueSPACE Financial Cloud is a PAN African Enterprise FinTech – Driving Impact in African Financial Ecosystem.

We are dedicated to driving positive impact in the African financial ecosystem. We specialize in building financial backbone systems and infrastructure that enable secure and efficient movement of transactions while positively impacting the lives of individuals and organizations.

Our vision

We inspire individuals and organisations to work more effectively and efficiently, and create greater choice in applying technology to improve overall business outcomes and benefit for all concerned in Africa.


Owned and operated by Ghanaians
since 2015


Focused on financial systems digital transformation across Africa


Focused on - Regulated Financial

The Team

Samuel Amanor
Samuel Amanor CEO & Founder
Nnenna Irebisi
Nnenna Irebisi Non-Executive - Board Member
Stewart Van Graan
Stewart Van Graan Non-Executive Board Chair
Frank Adu
Frank Adu Advisory - Non-Executive
Patrick Burnell
Patrick Burnell Non-Executive Board Member
Narinder Surae
Narinder Surae Legal Advisor
Non-Executive Board Member

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